Gluten-Free Finds In New Bern, NC

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Note: I wrote this article pre-COVID19, but decided it was still worth publishing because there may be people who have decided to travel stopping by New Bern, NC.

I have the opportunity to frequently travel with my boyfriend while he's working, and I am always excited to try foods in the new places his work takes us! Most recently, we traveled to New Bern, North Carolina for the weekend. I had never heard of New Bern, but quickly learned that it was well known for being the birthplace of Pepsi!

The Pepsi Store & Museum

Food and beverage experiences are usually limited for people with food allergies, but I was very excited to visit the Pepsi Museum and see what they have to offer. It's a very small corner store with a brief history of Pepsi on one side, and a shop that offers a small cup of Pepsi to taste for a low price on the other. I don't usually like to drink caffeine, but they had a caffeine-free option too!

Bella's Cafe

I wanted to find a place to eat lunch that I knew would take care of my gluten intolerance, and I found Bella's Cafe. While it wasn't super obvious what was gluten-free in the cafe, the cashier was very knowledgeable because her sister has Celiac. She pointed out that they offered gluten-free sandwiches and chips (which were likely ruffles). I had a delicious sandwich that was prepared in the back away from the normal preparation area. I paired it with a super yummy chocolate shake that was made with Ghirardelli chocolate syrup.

Pollock Street Pub - A Wiener Haus

If you are looking for a gluten-free adult beverage, Pollock Street Pub is the place to go! While I couldn't eat anything, there is a gluten-free cider offered at a low price!

I only had one full day to explore, but I hope to be back to find more gluten-free treats! Have you ever eaten gluten-free in New Bern? Let us know!


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