Half A Bite Box: An Honest Nut-Free Snack Review

Updated: Jan 30

Katie and I discovered The Bite Company through our favorite YouTuber, Deanna Mims, just a few weeks ago! Since then, we have ordered different Bite Boxes that we have absolutely loved.

As an experiment, we decided to get the Munch box together to see what kind of mix we would receive with our allergies, how long the snacks would last, and how great they tasted.

Needless to say, the snacks we received did not disappoint! The wonderful people at The Bite Company made sure almost all of our snacks were both gluten and nut-free so we could share if we wanted!

Here are the snacks I received in this box ranked in order of my favorite to least favorite brands and products!

1. Made Good

In my half of the Munch box, I received a box of soft-baked mini cookies and a vanilla crispy square! All of Made Good's products are free of the top eight allergens (including peanuts, tree nuts, gluten, dairy, eggs, etc.) so they are a great option if you fall into one of those categories. Each pouch contains a serving of vegetables too! They tasted absolutely amazing and satisfied my sweet cravings!

2. Popcorners

Needless to say, I am officially obsessed with these chips! They are made of simple ingredients and taste really good! Whether you want to include them in your lunch, or just eat them on the go, you can never go wrong.

3. Mountain Rise Organics

If you have nut allergies like me, you know how difficult it is to find types of granola that are actually safe to eat! This chocolate granola tasted great and satisfied my snack and sweet cravings.

4. RW Garcia

Imagine Frito's but without the smell or grease! These corn chips tasted great and were made of simpler ingredients. The bag they sent me lasted about four or five days since I just ate one serving at a time!

5. Undercover

I have never tried quinoa before but I am absolutely obsessed! Not only are they satisfying, but they remind me of chocolate-covered candy. These are a great alternative if you are struggling to find nut-free sweets!

6. Jackpot

Over the years, I've developed a soft spot for popcorn again and Jackpot didn't disappoint! Sea salt is my absolute favorite flavor and the portion size was perfect too. I'm looking forward to trying more flavors soon in future boxes!

7. From The Ground Up

I was given two bags of their cauliflower crackers in my half of the box. Since cauliflower is a vegetable that I have been experimenting with and eating more of in the past few months, I was excited to try these crackers! They definitely tasted different than I anticipated but they quickly became my new go-to cracker snack.

8. Boulder Canyon

The flavor was certainly muted but I enjoyed having these chips as part of my lunch! They were light, and surprisingly not greasy. I look forward to finding and trying more of their flavors soon.

9. Good Health

I had high hopes and put myself out there when trying the veggie chips for the first time. I've avoided them for years but after weeks of procrastinating, I forced myself to open the bag. While I personally did not like them, my other family members did!

10. Bare

Yes, I am a picky eater, so while I have been trying new foods over the past few years, there are some I still can't force myself to enjoy. Dried fruit has always been something I've never been a fan of so I just passed this bag onto someone I know would enjoy them! They're definitely great snack options but aren't a preferred snack for me.

11. That's It

I was so excited to try these but after trying different flavors, I decided that these aren't the snacks for me! Some flavors are definitely better than others for sure. I would definitely recommend trying them if you are looking for a lightweight solution to getting your daily fruit in!

So, how long did all the snacks last?

Believe it or not, my snacks lasted for about three weeks! Even when I ate two to three servings each day, they still lasted for longer than I anticipated. They were all so satisfying and filling as well! I definitely felt great while trying these out and most importantly, I didn't react to anything.

Were they worth the price?

Absolutely! You get so many snacks for a great price. I have no complaints! In fact, I've ordered more boxes since then and have loved every single one! They're a great option if you want to eat healthier, try new foods, or just want a convenient way to eat allergy-free snacks.

We've been bragging about The Bite Company to all of our friends and family for the past few months because we love what they do so much!

In fact, we even have a discount code! Use Katie&Hannah for free shipping on your Bite Box order!

Thanks for reading, and happy snacking!

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