Eating Gluten-Free in Salt Lake City, Utah

I was lucky enough to travel to Salt Lake City, Utah for a few days this month, and fortunately for me, there were plenty of delicious gluten-free options to try! My boyfriend and I flew to Salt Lake City to visit our friends who live there, and we were so excited when they offered to have us and show us around the area.

I always feel very fortunate when I am with gluten-eating friends and they have absolutely no problem letting me pick where we eat. I pulled up the “Find Me Gluten Free” app and had a hard time choosing from all of the choices for each meal!

I attached the gluten-free menu or regular menu with gluten-free items clearly marked in the title of each restaurant I visited. Be sure to check them all out!

Red Iguana

For our first night, we settled on Mexican food and made our way into the city to grab some delicious gluten-free food!

Our first stop was Red Iguana (or Red Iguana 2 in our case). I had been to Red Iguana back in 2017 with my Celiac family and boy was it memorable! I knew I needed to go back again so I recommended we try dinner there and the gluten-free menu options did not disappoint. 

Red Iguana has gluten-free items on their regular menu with items clearly labeled with a GF symbol.  

We were served a mole platter where only one or two were not gluten-free, so I made sure to carefully avoid them when tasting. They also serve gluten-free tortilla chips, BUT be sure to ask for every basket served because I believe they do have flour tortilla chips as well. 

We ordered a gluten-free cheese dip which was confirmed to be gluten-free. I don’t think I ever found where it was listed on the menu but it was so so so good!! 

For my main course, I ordered Enchiladas Rancheras, which was essentially a set of cheese enchiladas topped with mushrooms, salsa, more cheese, and green onions. 

The moral of the story here - I love cheese.

The Grand America Hotel

We stayed at the Grand America Hotel on our first night, and in the morning I naturally woke up at 4 am (thanks time change). I went downstairs a while later in search of food and stumbled upon their Lobby Lounge breakfast menu.

Surprisingly, there were labeled gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, and vegan options. I have issues with eating eggs so I opted for the Antioxidant Acai smoothie. It was a great start to my day and was a nice treat to sip on while I took in the fresh air at the hotel courtyard. 

Honest Eatery

When Chris finally woke up, we ventured out into the city in search of finding food. I had been wanting to try an acai bowl and found a cute little place called Honest Eatery that served them.

I picked my acai berry base, added gluten-free granola (which was kept in a sealed container away from the other ingredients), and topped with cashews, chocolate pieces, blueberries, and caramel. It was absolutely amazing and I would love to go back for another. 

There was gluten-free bread at this restaurant, and they were able to make toast as well.

Exploring Downtown

We finished having breakfast (my second breakfast oops) and I wanted to show Chris Temple Square and the Capitol Building. 

We rented Bird scooters and rode around looking for great views. Here are a few of my favorites!

Hook & Reel (No GF Menu)

Most of my family lives in Southern Louisiana, so I jumped at the opportunity to eat some seafood (even though it was farmed).

We had lunch at a new (to me) seafood chain Hook and Reel, where Chris and I split shrimp and crawfish.

We had a great server who repeatedly checked that things were gluten-free. We got the garlic seasoning and the food turned out great

Here’s a pic of me and Chris wearing our bibs!

Antelope Island State Park

Chris had never been this far west before, and he knew there were bison nearby, so he wanted to see one and make his bison joke. 

“What did the buffalo say to his son when he left for school?”


Get it? It isn’t that funny after hearing it 20 times. 

Antelope Island State Park is basically an island in the middle of the Great Salt Lake. While the view is incredible, the Great Salt Lake isn’t all it has cracked up to be. First off, because of drought, you had to walk so far just to reach the water. It was incredibly draining and when you get to the lake there are INSANE amounts of gnats. It was a once in a lifetime experience, but mostly because given the opportunity I wouldn’t want to do it again!

We found a short hike with an amazing view of the lake! We took lots of pictures and this was one of my favorite parts of this park. 

We got back down to the car in search of bison. We found them!

Roosters Brewing Company & Restaurant

Roosters had the cutest restaurant and atmosphere! We went to the Ogden location and were able to be seated pretty quickly. As usual, I asked for a gluten-free menu and was so excited to learn that they had a separate gluten-free menu with a large variety of options! 

I ordered an appetizer (I rarely get to say I did that) of “What a Crock”, which is basically a cheesy crab spinach artichoke dip. It was so good omg! Make sure your chips come out corn chips and it doesn’t come with bread and you are good to go! 

I actually had a hard time choosing my dinner. Did I want pizza? Fish? Tacos? Jambalaya? I had choices!! 

I settled on the Famous Fish tacos with a side of beans and rice. They were delicious! I highly recommend their tacos no matter the filling. My server seemed knowledgeable about gluten “allergies” so I felt very comfortable at this location.


Living on the East Coast my entire life meant that I had heard about In-N-Out but had never visited. I had heard many great things about this chain and knew while I was out in Salt Lake City I needed to give it a try. 

We were going to see some incredible views later in the day and stopped at a nearby location. I checked their website to figure out how I was going to order to make sure I was being safe and was surprised to learn that the buns were the only thing at In-N-Out that were NOT gluten-free!

I ordered a cheeseburger “protein-style”, or wrapped in lettuce, and noted that it was for a gluten allergy. The fries are the only thing cooked in the fryers, and they are fried in sunflower oil, so they are safe for other allergies too!

While I was happy that I was safely eating a fast food meal, I wasn’t all that impressed. I’m from Chick-fil-A country, and the fries just don’t beat those tasty waffle fries. I would recommend bringing a hamburger bun for your burger to make the meal a little more filling. 

Francis Peak

After lunch, we embarked on an hour-long, 10-mile drive to Francis Peak. The friends we were with told us all about the views from the top, and they did not disappoint!

Note: The road to the top is entirely dirt and caution should be used if you attempt to go to this spot as you will be 5 feet from falling off of a cliff at every moment of the drive. 

Here is one of my favorite views from our time at the top! This photo shows Antelope Island and some of the dried-up area of the Great Salt Lake.

P. F. Changs

For dinner on our final night in Salt Lake City, we chose P. F. Changs! I forgot to take pictures of our food once it came out, but we ordered Chicken Fried Rice (gluten-free) and Beef with Broccoli (gluten-free) to split. 

We didn’t get an appetizer this time, but make sure you try the lettuce wraps when you visit any locations!

Items are clearly marked on the regular menu as gluten-free, and food is delivered to the table on specially marked plates. 

Coldstone Creamery

While we were in Salt Lake City, we had Coldstone ice cream twice! I had never been before and wanted to give it a try.

The first time around I was very naive when I went in and got mint chocolate chip ice cream with M&Ms mixed in. In this situation, I didn't connect the dots and realized that "mixed in" literally meant they slapped the ice cream on the counter and mixed it up with the topping. I was too surprised to say anything and just figured they scrapped most of the gluten off of the counter before making mine anyways.

We went to a different location another day and before asking for a mix-in I asked if I could just have my M&Ms on top due to an allergy. I was informed that they had a special tray they could put on the counter before mixing in the topping and I was so excited to get my mix-ins in a safe way!

Final Thoughts

Chris and I want to extend a huge thank you to our friends Brittany and Matt for giving us a place to crash and transportation at the last minute!

Overall, we had an amazing time in Salt Lake City and the surrounding area! Not only are there so many beautiful sights to see, but there are tons of gluten-free food options! 

What is your favorite gluten-free option in Salt Lake City? Let us know in the comments or DM us @eatingconfidently on Instagram!

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